Our Story

Our Story

My dream for myself had always been to open a clothing boutique. But I knew it was a dream in my distant future. Like way out there kind of future. I didn't go to school for fashion or design or anything even close, but I just knew I loved it! So I kept it in the back of my mind with all the "maybe one days" and "when the time is rights."

When my husband and I began our family in 2019, we were blessed with twin boys as first time parents and on November 9th, we hit the ground running. And we haven't stopped since. Shortly after Pax and Porter's, second birthday, to our surprise we were pregnant again. This time a daughter, Parklyn Blake!

After years of shopping off the same 4 racks of boys clothes at the same few places (with the struggles of finding two of the same size when I did find something cute) shopping for a girl was everything I imagined. The options are endless! When I shop for Parklyn I want all the things. But I want them to be affordable. 

With the ease of shopping and having a little girl we started thinking maybe the "one day" could actually be now or sometime soon, but this time- it was for children's clothing and accessories. When I shop, I want boutique style clothes for all 3 of my babies, but at affordable prices. I want to shop for things I don't see everywhere and I want things that hold their value!

Since the process of making this dream a reality, Brim and Bow has allowed me to shop so many great vendors with amazing products. We want to grow to have something for everyone, everywhere and products that you love and value too, right down to the brim and bow!

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