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Brim & Bow

Easter Egg Sensory Play Dough Kit

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This fun and festive Easter Egg Sensory Play Kit includes Jelly Bean scented sensory dough and a giant Easter Egg filled with everything you "knead" to make and decorate endless Easter Eggs! Mama chicks watch the nest while you use the dough extruder to make a nest and grass, egg plunger cutter to easily create embossed eggs, wood cutouts to imprint patterns and colorful texture balls and gems to make intricate designs on your a-dough-rable creations!

-This Sensory Play Kit is recommended for Ages 3+. Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Salt, Canola Oil, Cream of Tartar, Water, Food Coloring, Organic Potassium Sorbate, and Natural Fragrance.

-Made in United States